Is Your DJ also a Coordinator?

How to Hire a DJ that Will Coordinate Your Event

There are a lot of reasons you need a DJ. On the low end of responsibilities is playing music everyone likes. On the more experienced and higher end of responsibilities is coordinating the event to make sure everything is running smoothly, different aspects of the party are going off without a hitch, AND everyone is listening/dancing to the music they want to hear.

Recently, we were called about DJ’ing a wedding and we were asked the usual questions: what kind of music do we play? How do we get people interested in having fun? Can the client pick what kind of music they want played or not played? What kind of equipment do we use and do we bring backups in case of malfunction?

All of those questions were answered with no hesitation and then the bride says “Do you help me with a timeline for the wedding?”…Well, OF COURSE WE DO!  We coordinate everything from the ceremony to the grand exit, and all in between.  We even coordinate with the other vendors so they know what is happening and at what time.

This sold her immediately on our services because she didn’t want the added expense of hiring a “Day of Coordinator” in additional to all the other vendors.

Big Tyme Entertainment provides “day of coordination” services with all our packages because if your DJ doesn’t know how you want things done, how can they make sure they are doing what is needed to entertain the event?

If your DJ is just there to play music, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Don’t sell yourself short on a beginning DJ. They need to know how to provide their clients with help coordinating their events. The DJ is the integral part of making sure all the activities of the party are carried out. They check to make sure other vendors are ready before they announce the different activities of the party and they keep the guests flowing through the activities and saved from boredom.

At Big Tyme, it is our pleasure to sit down with all our clients to plan out their events and activities. We have over 30 years of planning experience and use our experience to make your events successful!

So, next time you are planning an event, don’t go the cheap, inexperienced route for the DJ. Hire a DJ that has coordinating experience and knows how to read people. Our DJ’s were taught how to read a crowd and know what kind of music they want to listen or dance too. They will also make sure your party activities are flowing smoothly and everyone that wants to be involved in having fun, is.

If ever you have questions about our experience and how we can make your party better and easier to plan, just call or text us. We always offer a no obligation consultation.

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We look forward to entertaining you!

Stress Free Wedding Planning & Day

Stree Free Wedding Planning & Day

It seems like just yesterday you got engaged.  In six months, you are getting married and feeling a lot overwhelmed with the planning.

Here are some actionable steps you can take to lessen your stress, enjoy your engagement and the wedding planning, and prepare yourself for a stress-free wedding.

  1.  If you can, hire someone to help you with planning.  Most event coordinators will have “back pocket” vendors that can provide excellent service at affordable prices.
  2. If you can’t afford to hire a coordinator, then talk with your family and find out who absolutely LOVES planning events. They don’t have to be professionals but they do need to have a timeline, budget and your sense of style available to help you.
  3. Pick Bridesmaids that can afford your vision.  If you know your best friend is in a tough spot right now with money, maybe pick a color for the dress but let her get the dress that doesn’t break her budget. The trend on bridesmaids dresses are varied.  We have seen lots of colors and variations of dress that looked amazing at the ceremony.
  4. If you haven’t already, make a budget and stick to it.  Spending an extra $1000 on flowers is not going to make your marriage any better.
  5. Try to pay everyone off before the wedding.  We have a lot of bride/grooms that set up payment plans or set up a schedule of saving and pay us months before the wedding.  Most vendors will work with you and prefer to have at least some of the money before the date.   We have had clients pay us the day of the wedding with the money they got at the wedding.  Do you really want to be that stressed out about paying your vendors?  It WASN’T PRETTY or stress free.
  6. Make sure you are sharing the responsibility of getting everything done.  Talk it over with your soon-to-be spouse and split up the duties.  Not all brides want the “Control” factor.  Most will welcome the help.  Not all grooms want “She Makes All The Decisions” on their special day.  He wants to be involved for several reasons.  It’s his money too, it’s his day too, it’s his family too, etc.
  7. Finally, if your vendors can offer suggestions or extra services for you, listen to them.  They most likely have years in the planning/vendor business, and you have just one day to plan.  Big Tyme Entertainment has been helping with “Day Of Coordination” for at least 10 years for weddings, birthdays, reunions, and corporate events. We are always available to our clients.

I know this is a short list, but hopefully, it will help you remain calm and concentrate on the important things, like…the honeymoon.  (don’t forget the dollar dance to help pay for expenses on the honeymoon).

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Vendor Cancellation – To Help A Bride

The Big Day is fast approaching and you have everything set up with your vendors. You have signed contracts, and paid deposits, and a list of what you are expecting your vendors to provide.
You think “You’re Set”.
Then you get an email from one of your vendors. Not even a phone call; an email. They are going out of business and there is no way they can pay you back your deposit. WHAT?!?! Your wedding is in two months. NOW WHAT?!
You scramble around looking for a new DJ or a photographer. You ask all your friends, even your pseudo friends on facebook if they know of a good vendor to help you out. You comb the websites looking for a suitable replacement. You don’t have any more money to pay any deposits so you are pleading with the vendors to help you with waiving the deposits.
It’s a harsh reality. This type of situation happens every day.
Here are the steps to help make this situation less stressful.
1. Wedding Insurance – Get a “wedding insurance” policy as soon as you have everything set in contract so if something like the above scenario does happen, you will still be reimbursed your deposits. There are several reputable companies that offer wedding and event insurance. Just search the internet.
2. Get Referrals – You have already asked all your friends for referrals. Check the vendor’s credentials and ask them if they will work with you on the deposit (if it’s a substantial amount of money). A lot of vendors have “heart” and will work with you because seeing a stressed out bride is the worst thing in the wedding industry.
3. Hire An Attorney – Finally, after you have contracts with the new vendors, it’s time to dig out the old contracts and seek legal counsel. Yes, that’s right, GET AN ATTORNEY. ;,kk,mmmmmYou may not get much as far as compensation, but a judgment on the company and its owners will make it impossible for them to get business funding and start a new business (at least for few years).
For those that booked with Wedding Shoppe and lost out on a DJ, Big Tyme Entertainment is working with brides on the deposits when contracts are signed. Our packages start at $450 for 5 hours of service. For more information or a quote, please visit our website at

Screenshot_2015-07-15-09-59-21This article is based off a recent event with Wedding Shoppe and their clients. A picture of a testimony from one of their clients has been included in the post for validity.
Janine Perez is a work at home Mom and has been coordinating weddings for the last 10 years.
Big Tyme Entertainment is bonded and insured and will always use contracts to book events.