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Is Your DJ also a Coordinator?

How to Hire a DJ that Will Coordinate Your Event

There are a lot of reasons you need a DJ. On the low end of responsibilities is playing music everyone likes. On the more experienced and higher end of responsibilities is coordinating the event to make sure everything is running smoothly, different aspects of the party are going off without a hitch, AND everyone is listening/dancing to the music they want to hear.

Recently, we were called about DJ’ing a wedding and we were asked the usual questions: what kind of music do we play? How do we get people interested in having fun? Can the client pick what kind of music they want played or not played? What kind of equipment do we use and do we bring backups in case of malfunction?

All of those questions were answered with no hesitation and then the bride says “Do you help me with a timeline for the wedding?”…Well, OF COURSE WE DO!  We coordinate everything from the ceremony to the grand exit, and all in between.  We even coordinate with the other vendors so they know what is happening and at what time.

This sold her immediately on our services because she didn’t want the added expense of hiring a “Day of Coordinator” in additional to all the other vendors.

Big Tyme Entertainment provides “day of coordination” services with all our packages because if your DJ doesn’t know how you want things done, how can they make sure they are doing what is needed to entertain the event?

If your DJ is just there to play music, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Don’t sell yourself short on a beginning DJ. They need to know how to provide their clients with help coordinating their events. The DJ is the integral part of making sure all the activities of the party are carried out. They check to make sure other vendors are ready before they announce the different activities of the party and they keep the guests flowing through the activities and saved from boredom.

At Big Tyme, it is our pleasure to sit down with all our clients to plan out their events and activities. We have over 30 years of planning experience and use our experience to make your events successful!

So, next time you are planning an event, don’t go the cheap, inexperienced route for the DJ. Hire a DJ that has coordinating experience and knows how to read people. Our DJ’s were taught how to read a crowd and know what kind of music they want to listen or dance too. They will also make sure your party activities are flowing smoothly and everyone that wants to be involved in having fun, is.

If ever you have questions about our experience and how we can make your party better and easier to plan, just call or text us. We always offer a no obligation consultation.

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We look forward to entertaining you!