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Lessons Learned

The last time you hired your friend to coordinate your wedding, did you know you were the one that was going to learn all the “failing forward” lessons?  It’s pretty much the same with having a friend DJ your wedding for free.  Unless they are experienced with weddings, there will be a lot of “failing forward” moments.  Over the years, Big Tyme Entertainment has learned plenty of those lessons and we have stepped up our game when it comes to providing the best services for weddings.

First lesson, make sure you are prepared for the unexpected.  Not always can we think of all the things that need to go right for a wedding, but we try!

Second lesson, keep a sense of humor about the event.  Look at each “hiccup” as a learning experience and do what you can to make that glitch a blessing.

Third lesson, make sure you have back up equipment or have scripts loaded on 2 different devices as well as in paper form.  You don’t want anything stopping you from being the best you can.

Forth lesson, look over your contracts two or three times to make sure you don’t miss schedule differences or extra charges for going over a contracted time.

And finally, have FUN.  There is no sense in stressing over the details the day of the wedding.  You hired people to make sure everything runs smoothly between vendors so you can focus on being beautiful and having fun.  Big Tyme Entertainment is all about having fun and planning everything and having the timeline and music in writing two weeks before the event.  We want our clients to know everything will go smooth and they can relax before the wedding and enjoy their event.

If you have any questions about how you can make your event planning better, just give Janine a call.  We offer free consultations and will help where we can, even if you don’t hire us.

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