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Vendor Cancellation – To Help A Bride

The Big Day is fast approaching and you have everything set up with your vendors. You have signed contracts, and paid deposits, and a list of what you are expecting your vendors to provide.
You think “You’re Set”.
Then you get an email from one of your vendors. Not even a phone call; an email. They are going out of business and there is no way they can pay you back your deposit. WHAT?!?! Your wedding is in two months. NOW WHAT?!
You scramble around looking for a new DJ or a photographer. You ask all your friends, even your pseudo friends on facebook if they know of a good vendor to help you out. You comb the websites looking for a suitable replacement. You don’t have any more money to pay any deposits so you are pleading with the vendors to help you with waiving the deposits.
It’s a harsh reality. This type of situation happens every day.
Here are the steps to help make this situation less stressful.
1. Wedding Insurance – Get a “wedding insurance” policy as soon as you have everything set in contract so if something like the above scenario does happen, you will still be reimbursed your deposits. There are several reputable companies that offer wedding and event insurance. Just search the internet.
2. Get Referrals – You have already asked all your friends for referrals. Check the vendor’s credentials and ask them if they will work with you on the deposit (if it’s a substantial amount of money). A lot of vendors have “heart” and will work with you because seeing a stressed out bride is the worst thing in the wedding industry.
3. Hire An Attorney – Finally, after you have contracts with the new vendors, it’s time to dig out the old contracts and seek legal counsel. Yes, that’s right, GET AN ATTORNEY. ;,kk,mmmmmYou may not get much as far as compensation, but a judgment on the company and its owners will make it impossible for them to get business funding and start a new business (at least for few years).
For those that booked with Wedding Shoppe and lost out on a DJ, Big Tyme Entertainment is working with brides on the deposits when contracts are signed. Our packages start at $450 for 5 hours of service. For more information or a quote, please visit our website at

Screenshot_2015-07-15-09-59-21This article is based off a recent event with Wedding Shoppe and their clients. A picture of a testimony from one of their clients has been included in the post for validity.
Janine Perez is a work at home Mom and has been coordinating weddings for the last 10 years.
Big Tyme Entertainment is bonded and insured and will always use contracts to book events.